Nothing says you're serious on a date more profoundly than Chateaubriand for two served tableside with a premium glass of wine. But if beef isn't your thing, look for an array of full-blown amazing seafood and pasta dishes on the menu.  Mr. Paul's Chop House.  is known for their Caesar salad, with good reason, fresh ingredients and a tasty dressing combine to make the perfect compliment for a main course. One specialty, a rack of lamb served with wild mushroom-encrusted pasta, is said to be to die for. The ambiance is both dark and romantic, sure to impress even the most discerning diners and skeptical dates. -- Brian C. Louwers


             DINE WELL!

 Live Music
Tuesday - Saturday
6:30 p.m.--10 p.m.


The Best In Town
This is one place you can't go wrong. Consistently great food and service with an old world charm. The crowds on weekends are huge so get there early.
Editorial Rating: Recommended

The Scene
Mr. Paul's Chophouse has been serving guests for more than 30 years, and its reputation is second to none. Elegant table settings fill the softly lit dining area of the old-fashioned, romantic establishment, while a piano player gently plays classic ballads. Although the dining area isn't as big as other chophouses, there's a cozy, rather than crowded, feel, and the hushed tones of patrons add to the effect.

The Food
The Caesar (prepared at the table) is the perfect beginning to the meal, while steamed mussels, dipped in a creamy combination of garlic and melted butter, are an excellent appetizer selection. The main course menu gives patrons plenty of variety, but it's the filet mignon--so tender that it could be cut with a butter knife--that steals the show. For seafood lovers, the broiled lobster tail, smooth in texture and quite large, is well worth the cost.

Best kept secret in Metro Detroit

Forget the high price chains. Paul's delivers on food, service, value. I've been going there since 1972 and have never had anything less than a perfect experience. The best Caesar salad you will have anywhere. Attention to detail. Paul, Chris, and Peter Gogo have carried on their father's legacy. There is no better steakhouse in Metro Detroit